​Inspired by early art rock, jazz fusion and R&B on the radio, David Tewksbury's voice and songwriting brings rock's intensity and soul's intimacy to lyrics that cover the gamut from heartbreak to social justice. Van Morrison, Ben Harper, Amos Lee and Sting are solid influences in his delivery, while his inspiration comes from all corners of the musical prophetical poetical world.

Twitter: @davidtewksbury   www.facebook.com/DavidTewksburyMusic.

Returning to the beautiful Glass House tropical paradise to ring in Friday night amongst fine friends, chocolates, BBQ Bar food truck and delicious vintages. 6-9pm. www.glasshousewinery.com!

Glass House Winery, Free Union, VA



the man

World Voice Day Concert & Celebration

David Tewksbury​

soulful indie folk.



 in listeners' words:

Your music, words and vocals perfectly combine to allow us no choice but to walk, breathe and explore in the middle of your stories. Thanks for the lift. And thanks for sharing your gift.” - E. Stevens 

“Your words – kind. Your vibe – enlightened. Your flow – affirming. Your music – incredible.Your voice - makes goose bumps!” - P. Ross   

​“...an exciting artist who is an excellent guitarist, with a very accomplished singing style and an eclectic repertoire.”
​- J. Kamide 

​“David Tewksbury was just awesome. Wonderful vibe from his original tunes....plus a rendition of "Salt of the Earth" that was better than the Rolling Stones ever did.” - C.Cannon

Speaking about voice and then singing at UVA's 1st Annual World Voice Day event at Old Cabell Hall, with friends Erin Lunsford, Annabeth McNamara and Justin Storer. 1-5pm. 


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